The Slovak band Patriarcha from Slaská  near the town of Žiar nad Hronom, was founded in 2011 by drummer Filip and guitarist / vocalist Pavol.
In a few months, Michal joined them as the second guitarist. In 2012, guitarist Martin came and Michal started playing bassguitar. Such was the formation until 2014, when Miro joined them and replaced guitarist Pavol, who began to devote himself only to singing. It didn't take long and at the beginning of 2015, after the band's first concert, drummer Filip left. At that time, Pavol moved behind the drums and Miro and Michal began to devote themselves not only to instruments but also to singing. This is how the band worked until 2018, when Martin decided to quit. Guitarist Richard and second guitarist Matúš arrived, Miro began to devote himself fully to vocals. The band finally started to work great. The debut album called Yersinia Pestis was recorded at the end of 2018. At the beginning of 2019, the band released this album under their own direction. They recorded also an amateur video from the rehearsal room for the song "Aurora". Throughout the year, they promoted the new album mainly in the form of concerts, but also through streaming services and social networks. During this period, however, the band worked on new songs. In 2020, the band was to perform at the largest metal festival in Slovakia called Gothoom fest. However, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemics, all concerts and festivals were canceled. For this reason, they decided to complete the material for the new album. In September 2020, the band recorded their second album called "TUMULUS", which will be released under the heading GOTHOOM PRODUCTIONS in the spring of 2021.

Band Members

  • Miro / vocal
  • Matúš / Guitar
  • Richard / Guitar
  • Pavol / Drum
  • Michal / Bass